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Shalom and Hello Everyone...
I put together Solomon's Porch as an outreach for sharing the Torah, Prophets and Holy Writings; commonly known as the "Old Testament," and B'rit Chadash; also known as the "New Testament" of the Bible.  The Scriptures are about living life fully, not religion.  Hopefully this platform will encourage study, inquiry, prayer and diligent search for many fundamental truths in the Scriptures.  I am very adamant about making sure that Torah precepts are not sugar-coated due to very powerful social, political, economic and traditional influences.  I try to open up the Scriptures in its plain language and full context.  These are really comprised of the interwoven themes and principles in the Book.  I believe one of the strongest points about the Scriptures is its portrayal of human social order and how it should be lived.  This is probably the most difficult part of following the Word of God (Elohim) because it impacts the core of our most deeply held views; endocrinated by the societies we live in.

The most important precept I recognize throughout the Torah is that it is about human relationships, about justice.  There are principles we must all follow in order to "love your neighbhor as yourself" - which is truly at the heart of justice.  It is written that our Creator, Yahuah Elohim (aka The LORD God), sits on a throne of justice and righteousness; where justice is the balance of righteousness and righteousness is synonymous with the Laws of the Torah.  He holds these precepts in perfect balance.  It is written in Psalm 89:14, "Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; Mercy and truth go before your face." 

We are to apply the principles of justice as portrayed in the Scriptures to our lives.  Truth is only arrived by the due process of justice and we must all try the utmost to achieve it.  It begins in the home when parents try and resolve disputes between children.  This is where a child begins to learn justice or injustice.  My observation is- there is a great lack of understanding by most about the precept of justice. 

The lack of understanding is evident by the wide variety of differentiated belief of those people who say they follow the Bible or Torah (תורה).  If the Bible is truth, then a due process of justice will lead to the same truths.  The reason there are many "truths" is because a false witness of the Scriptures is predominantly presented.  Pages of the "wooden" book are carved out and made into an idol that is pleasing only to the beholder.

One of the most critical and fundamental precepts in regard to doing justly to our neighbhors is to "not judge by appearances." This is fundamental for upholding justice.  Not following this principle is pre-judgment or prejudice.  It is written in Isaiah 11:3 that the Messiah will not "...judge by the sight of His eyes, Nor decide by the hearing of His ears..."  John 7:24 communicates this same principle, "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment."  I will go a few levels deeper later in this article to show you how this very critical principle is built into the creation of our bodies.

The philosophy of governance of the Founding Fathers of the United States held the belief "innocent until proven guilty."  This phrase is rooted in the heart of the Torah.  In his inaugural address in 1789, George Washington is quoted in his speech, “The propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregard the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained."  This speech by George Washington is not to be taken lightly.  Jonathan Cahn's book, "Harbinger," clearly shows how judgment upon this nation first returned to its original place of dedication to God - "Ground Zero."

Bearing false witness is known in Judaism as the "evil tongue" or "lashon hara."  Click the link to see a general definition from Wikipedia.  My thought is, individuals should always think the best of his or her neighbor unless proven by credible eye-witness accounts to be guilty of any crime that transgresses Torah principles in a just court.  These crimes are usually in the realm of injuring a neighbor.  In this court, diligent inquiries are to be made and all facts are to be presented and weighed on scales of justice that are balanced by the weighty matters of the Torah.

Even if something is true and it is presented in a negative light, out of context, or prematurely; it is bearing false witness.  Why? because it can often diminish the positive view neighbors have of that person or group.  We witness this abuse in the media, the result of sound bytes out of context.  Holding negative thoughts about a person or group without just cause per Torah principles is bearing false witness.  There is a universal Torah understanding that is based on the principle that all Yahuah Elohim's people are one family and under one law.  That principle is summed up in this one commandment, "You shall not take vengeance, nor bear a grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbhor as yourself: I am the LORD," Leviticus 19:18

Who qualifies to be Yahuah Elohim's son or daughter?  You do.  How?  Read the Scriptures I speak about and you will find that anyone who receives Yeshua HaMashiach (aka Jesus Christ) as his or her Savior, repents and follows His commandments is a son or daughter of the Most High.  However, let me warn you about this one thing; the commonly held beliefs about the persona of the Messiah of the Bible held by most who call themselves Christian is a false witness of this Messiah.  Dig deeper and you will find the real persona of the Messiah.

How is the principle of "doing justly" built into the formation of our bodies?  Let me share with you the following:

George Washington Portrait

The first and last letters of the first five books of the Bible, also known as the Torah spell out the word "heart" in Hebrew.  The first letter is "bet" (ב) and the last "lamed" (ל).  "Bet" has a numerical (gematria) value of 2 and lamed a numerical (gematria) value of 30.  Together, these two letters form the word "lev" (לב) in Hebrew.  "Lev" means heart.  Notice how "lev" sounds like "love"?  It seems that the word "love" has its root in the Torah.  Notice too that the picture hints at the precept that "love" comes from the "heart."  We can also derive that the Torah is the "heart" of "The LORD" or "Yahuah Elohim" in Hebrew.

The two letters add up to the number thirty-two.  We can say this is the "sum value of the Torah," which brings us to another insight.  The mouth of an adult human being has 32 teeth.  The precept brought forth is that we are made to speak or testify of the Torah.  See how the mouth is tied to the Torah?  The mouth can speak evil or truth; and bearing false witness eventually leads to evil.  In the eyes of our Creator, bearing false witness is likened to murder.  The consequences of bearing false witness can lead to a person's or group's social, psychological, marital, spiritual and economic destruction.  In worse cases, it can lead to murder or unjust persecution. 

Can you calculate the probability of all these points synchronizing the way they do?  When probabilities are astronomical, the only conclusion you have is- there is a Divine hand orchestrating the Creation.

There are many resources available on this site.  I do not endorse all these resources in whole but they are there because we can gather and discern "that which is good" to increase our knowledge, insight, wisdom and understanding.  There are many opportunities to see if there really is a Creator in this universe from the vast resources of proven and sound teaching material available.  Much of the teaching material has a basis in scientific, archaeological, astronomical, mathematical, statistical, historical, prophetic and literary foundations with much evidence in the realm of being miraculous. 

If you believe anything that I am teaching in the "Teachings" section is not fully correct, please contact me and let me know.  However, in order to not waste your time or mine, please be sure to search out the material with due diligence before contacting me.  Be prepared to bring a "mural" of Scriptures based on interwoven themes and principles that you have identified that contradict the "mural" I have painted.

For those who are thinking, "all you need is Christ," or "all you need to do is follow Christ" and stop there;  I have something for you to ponder.  Those phrases in themselves are hollow like an empty tissue box.  What is the substance of the Messiah?  Consider what are His highest principles? 

My final thought here is; anyone professing to teach the Torah (Bible) or desires to lead a group must first sit on a throne of righteousness and justice - that's where the Messiah sits.  It all starts in the home. 

Yakov Levi