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Blood Moons, Jubilees, Daniel, Tribulation, Great Exodus and Messiah's Return.
By Yakov Levi, February 2014 (Revised 6/20/2014, 9/22/14, 4/10/15, 12/29/15)
Blood Moon
This page represents work in progress that started February 2014. Since that time, the observations and conclusions made on this page have changed slightly - and that is expected. Although certain facts and perceptions have changed, the underlying fundamental principles have not. The purpose of this page is to try and understand the time of when we will be in the End-of-Days Greater Exodus and Great Tribulation. I will help save you the trouble of trying to figure this out from the writing below. Currently, I am expecting the Greater Exodus and Great Tribulation to begin Nisan 2017 (spring 2017). If you want to understand the concepts and the progression of my observations, where I made some initial mistakes, please read on.

A quick note about the presentation contents; the first chart presents how 1948 or 1967, two of Israel's most crucial years since it became a nation, falls into the 120 Jubilees or 6,000 years (120 x 50).  In 1948, Israel declared independance and officially became a nation.  In 1967, Israel re-acquired almost all Biblical lands as promised in Genesis.  The first chart highlights key events in Israel's history since AD 100, tries to scope the possible Jubilee years, and then presents when the possible final 120th Jubilee could arrive; fall of 2017/18 or fall of 2048/49.  The charts can help you analyze the data and come to your own conclusion.  To stay updated, visit this site's teaching section, this site's home page Facebook page feeds and/or Subscribe.  Return to this page to find out about any oversights I may have made.  It will be listed in red below.  The charts are difficult to update and re-publish therefore, this page is your key for important updates..

The second chart presents Daniel's 70 Weeks (Shavuots).  It outlines how this prophecy anchors to 1948 and ends in either 2017/18 almost exactly as prophesized if no critical translation issues are missed.  The key to understanding the "weeks" is in the knowledge that the 62 weeks are the holy days of "Shavuot" and the 7 weeks are Biblical years.  Further, another key is knowing that Biblical years started in Tishri at creation and were changed to start in Nisan when Israel first became a nation in Exodus.  Now at the end of the ages, it appears that the Biblical years will again begin in Tishri as Israel has also become a nation again in these last days.  It seems Daniel's 70 shavouts takes us to the fall of 2017/18 and a generation of 70 years from 1947/1948 also takes us to the year 2017/2018.

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The third chart takes a closer look at Daniel's 1,290 days as well as the other two counts of 1,260 days and 1,335 days.  These counts, in general, are suppose to outline the last half of a seven year period of Jacob's Troubles.  However, as 2017-18 approaches, and the closer we get, the more it seems that the Greater Exodus and Great Tribulation can begin the spring of 2017. The model of a seven year period with the last 3.5 years being the Great Tribulation, doesn't seem to fit any longer.

This chart presents a model that can be applied to any starting point beginning in the spring of one Biblical year and ending three and half years later in the fall of a particular Biblical year.  The model allows you to "cut-out" the yellow bars representing Daniel's three timelines and move the timeline along a horizontal axis of time.  This enables you to apply the time as you may discern.  The charts present Daniel's counts beginning this spring 2014 to the fall of 2017/18.  There are two possibilities in identifying Purim and each method is dependent upon the start of the Biblical year.  In the chart I overlooked one possibility.  For a discussion and detailed explanation, visit this site's teaching section.

The fourth chart takes a closer look at the Blood Red Moon Tetrads that fall on the Feast Days in (2014, 2015); (1967, 1968); (1949, 1950) and (1493, 1494).  The chart places this in the context of the first three charts.  Additionally, it identifies an additional four Blood Red Moon Tetrads, ten more Tetrads where not all potential blood moons fall on Biblical Feast Days, and four more Blood Moon Tetrads where none of the potential blood moons fall on any feast days.  The Blood Red Moon Tetrads are not as rare as claimed to be, but are significant and the patterns revealed in the charts are certainly eye-opening and appears to reveal the theme of "Exodus."

The last chart presents all related passages of Scripture and identifies how each passage is associated with one of four themes; 1) Time 2) Time Event/Marker 3) Discern Time and 4) Abomination.

It is up to you to decide if the models presented fit into the respective categories presented, or you can use the models in the charts to help scope your own timeline.  One has to be amazed after looking at the patterns in the charts, how they all synchronize with the year 2017 and quite possibly 2018.  I ask for council from those of you out there that can put more light on this topic. 

In light of this statement about seeking council; on 2/27/14, I spoke with Monte Judah from Lion and Lamb Ministries (  After speaking with Monte, I realized how critical it is to know exactly what to do when you see the Abomination of Desolations.  When this happens, he says stay in your homes through Passover and keep the Passover despite the chaos that may be around you.  Just after Passover, Yahuah Elohim will perform an event allowing you to walk away from "Egypt" with no-one chasing you.  If your timing is not aligned with Yahuah Elohim's timing, the chances of a life threatening event is much higher and you will not make it to the Greater Exodus.  Your destination should be where you kept Sukkot last or a location allowing you to keep "Sukkot" in the "Wilderness of the Peoples". 

Details are beyond the scope of this page.  Everything that I have ever experienced in the last 12 years tells me Monte Judah is correct on key points.  We need to pay attention and consider his counsel in light of what may actually happen when disaster strikes our own town.  He has a new published book out called "The Greater Exodus."  I felt it was critical enough for the safety of my family to know the prophecies regarding the Greater Exodus that I did purchase a copy.  Monte also has a "Tribulation Timeline" on his site which is in general agreement with the one I produced below. 

After speaking with Monte, it seems that the possibility still exists the earth may not return to a perfect 30 day month during the Great Tribulation.  A 30 day month was a key assumption for the counts presented based on the Book of Daniel.  Simply, instead of the Greater Exodus starting on Nisan 1, 2014 and ending 3.5 years later on Tishri 1, 2017 as I present in the charts; the Greater Exodus can start on Nisan 15, 2014 and ends 3.5 years later on Tishri 1, 2017  

You can also apply this pattern to 2018.  You can use any particular year - it doesn't have to start in 2014.  The most important point here is to know the framework and we will be able to discern the details as they approach.

Obviously, the Greater Exodus/Great Tribulation did not start in spring of 2014. The latest observation is that the spring of 2017 ends the 6,000 years of man's rule on earth. The charts herein point to that possibility. According to this outlook, the Greater Exodus and Great Tribulation begins at the very begining of the 7th millennia. It is an insight that occured to me only in 2015. Be sure to read the "Abomination Watch" articles in the "Key Biblical News Events" section under Teachings.

Greater Exodus Sky Watch is a page I put on on Facebook for watching end-time astronomical events.  On that page you will find more technical details about the Blood Red Moons on related posts. 

As of 2/15/14 after listening to Pastor John Hagee's full sermon video presentation again on this topic; I feel compelled to list some key mistakes and they will be noted in blue below.  I do thank both John Hagee and Mark Biltz for paving the initial way which helped me get this work accomplished.  If you try to confirm the eclipses, be certain to distinguish between a full lunar eclipse and one that is not:

In short, about the available versions and media; this is a five part series of charts, each with a commentary page that explains how the charts work.  1) The free version is available on 8.5" x 11" PDF file. 2) The version that is on 11" x 17" poster size is available for download at a minimal giving price.  Enhanced versions have the same content but offer a premium media for deliveryAny discovered potential errors will be posted here in red below and may be eventually updated on the published PDFs.  Purchased digital media items can be downloaded multiple times. The charts are all available to you below. :

* On chart three, "Book of Daniel 1,290 Day Count," I accidentally pasted Purim (Alternate) on Adar Bet 1 (Mar-3) Instead of Adar Bet 15 (Mar-17).  This issue is now corrected as of 2/28/14.

* CRITICAL UPDATE: I may have overlooked TWO points when observing Messiah's possible return in the fall of 2017 at Feast of Trumpets. I've been dwelling on this for about 4 weeks as of mid-April 2014. The last two sentences were written in mid-April 2014. It is now the 7th day of Feast of Unleavened Bread (April 10, 2015) and no Abomination of Desolation event occurred at Passover earlier this week or Purim just over a month ago. That is the last opportunity for an Abomination of Desolation to occur based on the final Jubilee year beginning in Nisan 1, 2017 (spring). This means that Daniel's 70th Week count remains a mystery even though its pattern points to the "midst" of the "week" at Nisan 2015.

If the Jubilee principles apply in reckoning the years and Messiah's return, the only conclusion we have now is His return is started by the Ministry of the Two Witnesses and 144,000. In light of the subject matters that I am covering, this means that ministry begins in the month of Nisan 2018 (spring 2018) if we benchmark 6001 as the start and spring 2017 if we benchmark 6000 as the start. The Great Tribulation and Greater Exodus does not begin until these two possible seasons and that is when the Abomination of Desolation event is next expected. However, keep watch, because other major events can happen and if there is any oversight, the key is to watch for the Abomination of Desolations to occur.

I made what I called a "critical point" very early this year that Messiah is to return 3.5 years after Nisan 1, 2018. However, like I noted earlier, as the time draws closer, it is almost become self-evident that the spring of 2017 or 2018 will begin the Greater Exodus/Great Tribulation. This is because the year 6000 and/or 6001 comes to a close.

The two points below were made under the perception that Messiah returns in the fall of 2018 (month of Tishri).

1. Nisan 1 (spring) 2017 to Nisan 1 (spring) 2018, spans the final Jubilee. It is the 120th Jubilee. The premise was Messiah is to return IN the Jubilee year. This may or may not be correct. The 120th Jubilee spans the year 5999 to 6000. The 120th Jubilee is in that range. It is IN the 50th year of the Jubilee cycle. In order to fulfill that man will reign for 6,000 years, Messiah returns in the year 6001. This means Messiah returns in the fall of 2018 in consideration of this precept. I have to thank Monte Judah for making a note in one of his articles that Messiah returns in the year 6001. This helped me consider the possibility.

However, as we begin 2016, and after some additional reflection, it is becoming almost self-evident that the year 6,000 - the year of Jubilee is going to be the "year of release" or the year we are set free in the Greater Exodus. This means, the spring of 2017 begins the Great Tribulation and the Greater Exodus. I think this principle "trumps" any other principle.

2. When I did the counts in the Book of Daniel, I did not consider using the full cycle of the 50 day count when tabulating the Shavuots or "weeks." I counted the day of Shavuot but disregarded the cycle. This rendered my count in Daniel one year too early. If I redo the count by the cycle of Shavuots (weeks) then the time points to the fall of 2018 instead of the fall of 2017 for Messiah's return. I became aware of this possible mistake while watching someones's video on this topic. Their timekeeping was very close to what I had discerned but their mistake pointed them to the fall of 2016 for Messiah's return. I was aware of their error.

It seems Messiah fulfilled the Jubilee at His crucifixion in the year 17 AD. He doesn't need to do it again.

* In Pastor Hagee's Full Sermon Video: here is his mistake- there was no Blood Red Moon Tetrad in 1492 - it was in 1493. There was no Blood Red Moon Tetrad in 1948, it was in 1949. The 4 Blood Red Moon Tetrads began one year later than stated in the main sermon. This will cause the listener to miss the specific prophetic meaning behind these astronomical events.  However, towards the end of March 2014, I completed reading Hagee's book, "Four Blood Moons."  His book identifies the same Tetrads years as I have presented here.  Therefore, the error was only in his video presentation.

* In Pastor Hagee's Full Sermon Video: the other mistake- in the sermon it is stated that NASA confirms the Blood Red Moon Tetrads only happen 3 times in the last 5,000 years and it is going to happen a fourth time in 2014, 2015. This is not true, since 100 AD, I identified EIGHT total Blood Red Moon Tetrads (all landing on Feast Days) and another 10 (partially landing on Feast Days) and four more where they don't land on Feast Days at all.

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In short, why did I dig into all this?  The four Blood Red Moon Tetrads presented by Mark Biltz and John Hagee drew my attention many years ago.  The Tetrads themselve are significant but not as nearly significant when they are put in the context of Jubilee years and Daniel's Timeline.  As this time approached, I wonder about events I thought could happen but didn't.  For the sake of my family, I just needed to study this out in detail for myself and thoroughly research the issues at hand because there has been too many mistakes made out there (in my eyes).  I was aware of some of the mistakes but never had the time to put it down on paper and analyze all the details myself; I have been too busy with my job and family matters.  I am very grateful for all those who paved the initial way about these topics.  Because of their initial work, I am able to accomplish this. 

The charts represent about 120 hours or more of detailed research and verified facts; this does not include the production time of the material which may amount to another 160 hours or more of work.  I created a computer software integrating NASA's full lunar eclipse data to map Biblical Holy days with key geo-political and astronomical events (and even personal events).  The software helped me put these charts together in a way that is simple to understand, and highlights all the significant items that should make sense to anyone- even if they didn't graduate from high school.  My first born son who is 11 in 2014 is picking up on these charts.  All information presented can be verified on the Internet.  The software, however, does contain reference links and more detailed information but it is not publically available at this time. Nisan 15, 2015 has passed at the latest revision of this page. I have also made a mistake with the strong perception that the Great Tribulation and Greater Exodus starts in Nisan 2015. I will say it again, in light of the Jubilees, the only other possibility is Nisan 2018 (spring 2018) or Nisan 2017 (spring 2017).

I also did this because I felt prophetically compelled.  My birthday in 2014 falls on April 15, 2014 which is the first Blood Red Moon of the coming four Tetrads.  The birthday of my "wife of youth" or "first wife" falls on October 8th, 2014; which is the date forecasted for the second of the four Blood Red Moons.  These two facts may not have been enough for me to put in all this effort in light of my very busy life anyway.  However, my first born son was also born on Yom Kippur many years ago.  About 7 to 8 months before his actual birth, the initial date forecasted by the doctor for him to be born was on a Gregorian date that turned out to be the 1st day of Sukkot.  I was born in April 1967 around the season of Passover and my 50th year will be in 2017 which makes 2017 a type of "jubilee" for me which coincides with the real Jubilee - if 1967 was the 119th Jubilee; the one before the final 120th Jubilee when Messiah is expected to return.  This is a small glimpse of the prophetic occasions I have experienced.

And the final reason why I did this- this information will be very important to know in "The Last Days" - it can be your life.  I believe I understand Biblical Timekeeping well and hopefuly what I know will help pave the way for many out there to discern the times so you are not fooled.  Remember, Daniel gives us "counts" for a blessing and warning.  Yeshua HaMashiach warns us to know the seasons and times.  I had no idea how detailed we are to know these things until I started this project.  I will definately keep a hard copy of these charts for myself as a framework because it seems we may not have access to electronic data at some future point. I hope you will do the same.

The charts may not reflect the correct dates for certain perceived events but what is most important is the pattern and benchmark. They provide a strong baseline for discernment.