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"Once have I sworn by my holiness that I will not lie unto David. His seed shall endure forever; and his throne as the sun before me. It shall be established forever as the moon and as a faithful witness in heaven."
Psalm 89:35-37
  Yakov Levi
  Yakov Levi  
It is documented in "The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia" on page 410 that "The New Moon is still, and the Sabbath originally was, dependent upon the lunar cycle.  Both date back to the nomadic period of Israel.  Originally the New Moon was celebrated in the same way as the Sabbath; gradually it became less important, while the Sabbath became more and more a day of religion and humanity, of religious meditation and instruction, of peace and delight of the soul, and produced powerful and beneficent effects outside of Judaism."  Yahuah Elohim put an end to Israel's Sabbaths as a result of her iniquities for it is written "I will also put an end to all her gaiety, Her feasts, her new moons, her sabbaths And all her festal assemblies;" Hosea 2:11.

The true Sabbath, based on the lunar cycle is being restored as Yahuah Elohim re-gathers His people from the four corners of the earth in preparation for the Greater Exodus.  It was in the wilderness of Sin or better expressed wilderness of the moon, that Yah's true Sabbath was revealed to Israel.

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The true Sabbath can never be changed by man because it is defined in the creation by the orbit of the moon with its monthly cycles of setting apart months.  The true Sabbath will again be revealed in fullness and all Israel will be required to follow it during the Greater ExodusThe 144,000 and Two Witnesses will testify of and reveal the true Sabbath of Yahuah Elohim.

Be aware that in the restoration of the true Sabbath day based on a pure lunar month, counterfeit forms of it are emerging first.  It is HaSatan's pre-emptive strike against restoration of it's truth in order to confuse the sheep.  This pre-emptive strike has so far been very successful.  Any form of this restoration that places the Shabbat on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th days of the month are a counterfeit form.  Any form that begins the month on the conjunction of the moon instead of the first crescent moon is a counterfeit form.

HaSatan has played a game of smoke and mirrors by moving the Sabbath from it's original form to Saturday and then to Sunday.  Now, as it is being restored, HaSatan has added confusion to its restoration.

Let me clarify one pervasive error in Judaism and the Messianic Jewish movement.  The term "New Moon" is erroneously used and really should be defined "Renewed Moon."  This confusion of terms makes the impression that the "New Moon" is the first crescent moon; but it is not.

Please refer to the study titled "The Sabbath That Could Not Be Measured" in the Biblical Timekeeping section.  Mis-understanding the proper use of this term has lead many to embrace a counterfeit form of the restored Sabbath based on a pure lunar month.

As of January 2010, I have been keeping the Biblical Shabbat as well as the renewal Shabbat on the 29th and 30th days of the Biblical month for about eight years.  I have remained generally quiet about this restoration but it is time to push forward with the testimony because of the false teachings communicated among the people.  This does not necessarily mean the ones teaching the subject are false; it means the teaching is false because there are few who have the anointing to teach it; at least for now.

In eight years I have seen an increase resistance to it's restoration and the pervasive proliferation of its counterfeit forms.  Criticism of the restoration are also rooted in studying the counterfeit forms of the pure lunar based month.  Many are trying to lead the sheep in its restoration without the anointing to understand the model of the true Shabbat.

The concept of Sabbath being tied to the lunar cycle is so simple, it is my insight that Yahuah Elohim has allowed key Messianic leaders to be supernaturally blinded to this truth in order to draw the sheep by increments for obedience to the Torah.

These leaders have critical anointing that are necessary to draw the sheep back to the Torah without choking them.  The concepts for the restoration of the true Sabbath is so foreign that it is hard to digest for those who are just beginning to understand their Hebraic roots; and just coming out from the deeply rooted indoctrination of Babylon.  Trying to teach this at an early stage of learning can cause a sheep to choke. 
Others who are trying to lead the sheep are blinded because it is not their time to know; or they have not been given the anointing as of yet to discern the simplicity of this; or there is an uncleanness in their walk keeping them from this truth.  Such uncleanness may be pride, injustice, haughtiness, arrogance, insincerity, lack of genuine concern for your neighbor, rebelliousness, gossiping, bearing false witness, disregard for the poor, rejection of specific truths in the Torah, etc.  Those who lack the discernment to approach doctrinal or social issues with justice are often the ones who mislead the sheep on specific issues of Torah and speak out strongly on a topic they do not understand.
The pure lunar based calendar that designates the Sabbaths on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th days of the Biblical month after sighting of the first crescent moon is so simple, a child can understand it.  When it takes a special anointing to understand something so pure and simple; you know there is a supernatural blindness in process.

Due to supernatural blindness that has been placed on Israel, it will be the 144,000; 2 Witnesses and those associated with this ministry that will bring the truth of it in its fullness at the appropriate time.  If you are sincere in heart; run to obedience; by His Grace, the blessing of Yahuah Elohim's restored Sabbath may be revealed to you earlier than your peers; may it be His will.

Above is a graphical example of what a typical Biblical month looks like with its associated weekly Sabbaths based on a pure lunar month.  In the web eBook you will learn how the Feast Days fit into this model as well as the counting of the omer and the renewal Sabbaths.

Yakov Levi