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Thank you for considering to make a gift. Your gift will help improve my ability to reach many more people around the world with fundamental Biblical truths free of very powerful social, political, economic and traditional influences. As a result, many more people like yourself will be more equipped with knowledge, insight, wisdom and understanding to better discern what the Scriptures are truly conveying. On this site you will find free teachings from myself as well as additional resources I have selectively gathered that can be useful for your personal growth as well as those close to you.

As I have freely received, I am freely giving, "...Freely you have received, freely give," (Mathew 10:8-9).  All teachings on this site that are written by me are free; other resources may or may not be free depending on the producer.  Enhanced versions of the teachings I offer are available at a minimum suggested donation but you can give as much as you like.  I make sure that enhanced versions have the same content but offer a premium media for delivery.  This way you are never charged for Biblical knowledge which I believe I receive freely from Yahuah Elohim (The LORD). 

There are many resources available on this site.  I do not endorse all these resources in whole but they are there because we can gather and discern "that which is good" to increase our knowledge, insight, wisdom and understanding.  There are many opportunities to see if there really is a Creator in this universe from the vast resources of proven and sound teaching material available.  Much of the teaching material has a basis in scientific, archaeological, astronomical, mathematical, statistical, historical, prophetic and literary foundations with much evidence in the realm of being miraculous.

Yakov Levi