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The Prophetic Significance of Netanyahu Pointing To Marble Moses In Congress - 11:11 - The Greater Exodus Is At Hand...
By Yakov Levi | March 9, 2015
Marble Moses and Netanyahu
Although Purim is a Biblical festival held in the 12th Biblical month of Adar, the events of Purim begin in the month of Nisan, the month of the Exodus of Moses, the first month of the Biblical year.

The idea for the decree to kill the Jews twelve months later was conceived by Haman in the month of Nisan. The month of Nisan is just around the corner. The actual decree to annihilate the Jews was written on Nisan 13, just two days before the Biblical holy day of Passover on Nisan 15. Nisan 13 was the same Biblical date that Yeshua HaMashiach (aka Jesus Christ) was taken prisoner at Gethsemane. The decree written by Haman set Adar 13, exactly 11 months later, as the date to annihilate the Jews.

As most of you already know, a similar decree is being drafted to annihilate the Jews. That "decree" is the "nuke deal" currently being drawn up with Iran. I am not asserting there is an intentional or malicious objective in that "nuke deal" but the consequence of that deal will result in the annihilation of the Jews - prophetically speaking and tactically speaking in light of the Jihad agenda by the Iranian religious elite, not the Iranian people. It is always the elite in control who will either scheme evil over a society or plan for the good of a people.

When I wrote the article, "A Speech for the End-of-Days: Netanyahu..." on March 3rd, 2015; I included a video of that full 43 minute speech (that article can be found in the related articles below). Sometime later, I realized that the "freeze frame" on the video streamed on YouTube was the very second at: 39 minutes and 38-39 seconds, where Netanyahu points to Moses. That is the image you see here and the image that was automatically "snapped" by YouTube systems when I wrote that article. It is an apparently random "snapping" of an image of a YouTube video. I discerned this was not by chance because a 43 minute speech contains 2,580 seconds.

What are the chances that the "freeze frame" image lands on the very second where Netanyahu points to the Marble Moses in the context of a speech having to do with the End-of-Days, Purim and the month of the Exodus of Moses? As I lay in bed reflecting on this; I thought, there is more to this.

I researched this "Marble Moses" some more. I discovered that it is front and center to the podium where Netanyahu was speaking. This podium is also where other key leaders speak during a session of Congress. I learned that on either side of the portrait of Moses are 11 profiles. There are 11 on the eastern half of the chamber and 11 on the western half of the chamber so that all look toward the "Marble Moses" in the center. On that site, Moses is described as a Hebrew prophet and lawgiver.

The number of witness in Scripture is the number 11. Recall the Two Witnesses are found in Revelation Chapter 11. Also, "two" is symbolically and mathematically linked to 11. The Biblical spiritual message here is that a double witness is made - an 11:11 in this house chamber as Moses is drawn to attention.

The other 22 marble portraits include: Thomas Jefferson, King of Babylon, Hammurabi, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Napolean I, Maimonides, etc. The historical figures are noted for their work in establishing principles that underlie American law.

Yes, I understand, we have in this collective group - anti-Christ type figures. Interpretation is always dependent upon context. In the context of Netanyahu's speech, a profound Biblical message and witness is being made - follow the Law of Moses, the Torah; the End-of-Days is at hand and the Greater Exodus is about to begin. Netanyahu's speech also has a context and that context can be found in all the related articles below.

Interestingly enough, the marble portraits were installed in the House Chamber in 1949 just the year after Israel declared independence and became a nation once again.

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